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Zhu M.B. General Manager

Abdu Z. International Business Director

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Phone: +86 (25) 82216232

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Nanjing DELE Science & Technology Co. Ltd, founded in March 2004 with a capital of $75 million, is a telecommunication industry leading group enterprise that has strong partnership with the major Chinese domestic mobile phone manufacturers. We are a national and provincial top leader agency with more than 20 subsidiary companies, more than 1000 staff members and an annual turnover of more than $15 million. Our corporate business mainly covers China Telecom integrated outsourcing service, cellphone retail and distribution business, Phoenix e-Surfing, Online shopping and equipment integrity.

The company headquarter is located in Nanjing Greenland Financial center-Zifeng tower, one of the most advanced working spaces with a wide application range in the field. We were able to significantly extend our business to IT office and e-commerce platform.

Since its foundation, DELE has always operated with the spirit of “Sincerity, Service, Creativity, and efficiency”. We are committed to providing customers with cellphones and accessories, value-added software services, cellphone personalized service, after-sales service, with specialization in integrated services. We have been awarded by China Telecom group the “National top 10 excellent e-Surfing terminal agents”, “Jiangsu province's top 10 provincial distributors”, “service economy advanced enterprise”, “best supplier of the year”, “best channel cooperation award”, “Excellent All-Net cooperation award” and other honors. Meanwhile, we became an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management, ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management, and GB/T28001-2001 Occupation Health Safety Management Systems certified company.

     DELE maintains and upholds its spirit of “people-oriented, adherence to sincerity, serving customers, pursuit of excellence” relying on the competences gained in the past years above all our mobile information products integration, sales, and overall service ability, operator platform business support and commercial chain management capability. Our goal is to build the most effective connection service platform for manufacturers, operators, distributors, retailers with a great value for customers and wealth for society.

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